SD State Rates Increase!

SDHLA would like to inform our membership that the South Dakota Legislature approved funding for an increase the state rate for lodging of state employees!

During the legislative session, your lobbyists advocated for a rate increase to $75 year round from $55 (September- May) and $70 (June-August).

While the Legislature approved the funding for the increased rates, the Board of Finance is tasked with setting these rates. The Board discussed the increase today at their monthly meeting and are moving forward with the rule revision to set the increased rate.

The next step before the new rate is officially set is the rules review process. The Board indicated this will be complete before July 1st, so hoteliers will be able to charge the new rate at that time. We will keep our members updated.

SDHLA is excited for our membership and will continue to work diligently on issues that affect the hospitality industry. Your membership with SDHLA allows us to continue to do this important work.